Our Story

The Caffé Haus comes from the love for the land, the love of their land, the love for their culture.

Food Sketches

The Caffè Haus Wine Bar from the first moment has chosen to make use of top quality products, buying the raw material in the small and characteristic shops of the old town of Peccioli, from the gardener to the delicatessen, enhancing the local products being able to offer simple but of undoubted quality and genuineness.

The "Griglieria" has been very successful, where we have been able to enhance the quality of our meat, coming from small local farms, mostly family run, where the garments are followed in their growth with particular attention from breeders who love their work.

To myself, Silvia and our daughters Giulia, Elena and Anna the burden of turning all this into dishes to be consumed in a welcoming and serene environment, perhaps on our panoramic terrace where you can admire the typical beauties of the Tuscan countryside.

Every evening before dinner enjoy the breathtaking view from our terrace, perhaps with a glass of good wine while enjoying a delicious aperitif.

— Roberto Silvia and their daughters Giulia, Elena and Anna.